Down to the wire

In addition to working full time jobs, it’s been a very busy couple of months getting the house in order for when it goes on the market.

So far we’ve been able to repair the front door sill, repair and install sheetrock throughout the house, replace the drawer slides in the built-in cabinets in one of the bedrooms, replace the tiles in the master bath shower, replace the laundry room faucet and associated pipes, install laundry room countertop,  install new light fixtures, repair stairs and risers, and move the office downstairs.

And, fill up another 10-yard dumpster and about 20 or so contractor bags of stuff we know we won’t be taking and can’t sell at a garage sale.


Still on the to-do-list:

  • Replace the guest bedroom door
  • Install new carpet in two bedrooms
  • Install vinyl plank flooring in two closets
  • Convert the old office back to a bedroom
  • Install new countertop, sink, and faucet in bathroom # 2
  • Paint interior
  • Staging

Oh, and also (Thank you very much New Jersey) hire an engineer to design (and possibly install) a new septic system since what we have now, that’s been functioning fine since 1960, is no longer allowed.

To add to all of the chaos, a few weeks ago we also had a little mishap while the septic truck was here. Evidently there was an abandoned leach field under the driveway and it decided to open up from the weight of the truck.

Six yards of crushed concrete later, repair was made and asphalt patched.

I could have thought of better uses for the $1,600 it cost to fix.

Our plan is to put the house on the market on, or around, May 15th. With the ever increasing list, it will close. We have a site reserved at a campground about 10 miles away beginning May 1st, and plan on staying there while the house is on the market so we don’t have to leave every time there is a showing.

We’ve also planned out our travels for the rest of the year. September 8th we leave for South Dakota to change residency, licenses, tags etc. then we’ll head south to Galveston for a month, travel to New Orleans for a couple of weeks, then on to Savanah for December, and a couple of weeks in St. Augustine in the beginning of January. More info on the travel plans will be in future posts.

For now, the focus is on getting  the house sold. Wish us luck.

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