Where does the time go?

It’s been about a month since we left Galveston on our trek back east. Work has been super crazy, which is disappointing since it limits the time I have to see the sites during our stops. Hopefully, it will straighten itself out after the holidays , and I will have more time to enjoy more scenery.

Leaving Galveston, we stopped at Whispering Meadow RV Park in West Lake Louisiana. This was a very well kept, clean, campground with a lot of seasonal occupants. The staff, and our neighbors were very friendly. It was a nice place to visit and we would definitely stay here again if we were in the neighborhood.

Whispering Meadow RV Park
Site 17

We left early the next morning for a 183 mile trip to the New Orleans area, for a two week stop at Reunion Lake RV Resort. This “resort” is a fairly new campground with a lot of amenities. Unfortunately, most of the amenities were open only Thursday through Sunday. That was ok with us since we were more interested in seeing New Orleans, then the swimming pool, or camp store.

Reunion Lake RV Resort
Site 30
Our view for two weeks.

The first couple of days here were normal days of work and errands. But on third day we ventured into New Orleans to celebrate my birthday. It started out to be a nice day with breakfast at the Cracker Barrel but went south soon after we got on the road into New Orleans. I’ve been having problems with my vision since leaving Galveston, and just my luck, my vision picked today to get really bad. On our way into New Orleans, while driving over one of their many elevated roadways my long range vision started getting worse and worse, to the point where I was having problems seeing the end of the hood of the Jeep. With an intense blinding headache, I was forced to pull over and let Debbie drive the rest of the way. (Happy birthday to me – it sucks getting old)

We did make our way to Jackson Square and spent a few hours checking out the local musicians and artists.

Jackson Square
Jackson Square artists
St. Louis Cathedral
Love New Orleans architecture

We took different route heading back to the campground (with Debbie again driving) across the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, a two lane, 23 mile bridge.

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway
Racing the pelicans

A couple of days later I was at the eye doctors office to find out what was going on. Turns out nothing serious, although my prescription has almost doubled, and I now have two sets of glasses, one of normal wearing, and the other for wearing when using the computer, laptop, and iPad. It’s taken a couple of weeks to get use to them, and things seem to be getting back to normal as the headaches are few and far between.

During our stay at Reunion, we celebrated our first Thanksgiving as full timers. We tried making reservations at several restaurants in New Orleans but they all were booked. I remembered that one of the full timer blogs that I follow always orders their Thanksgiving meal from Cracker Barrel. So we gave it a try and was very surprised how good (and affordable) it was. We had plenty of food and more importantly, leftovers for the next couple of days.

Our first thanksgiving as full timers

The rest of our time in New Orleans was spent with normal work days and doing the regular stuff that goes with living in an RV – work, errands, grocery shopping, cleaning, yada yada.

Leaving New Orleans, we traveled east stopping in Milton Florida for a one night at the Pelican Palms RV Park. This place was a mud pit, and clearly their website photos were photoshopped. I was glad it was for only one night and hoped the rest of Florida wasn’t like this place.

Pelican Palms RV Park
Site 9

Continuing on the next morning we made out way to Coastline RV Resort in Eastpoint Florida. Now this place is more like what we though Florida was like! Great place to spend the week.

Coastline RV Resort
Site 1
Our view for the week – life is good once again!

We did manage to go out to dinner twice during our week in Eastpoint. Both times it was to the Family Coastal Restaurant (the food was that good). Our first visit I tried the stuffed grouper, and Debbie had the stuffed flounder. On our second visit we tried the coconut shrimp and seafood platter. Didn’t get any pictures because both times I left the phone in the jeep.

Even though work was crazy busy, we really enjoyed ourselves at Coastline and was able to sit out every night with adult beverages watching the sunset. It was very relaxing.

Leaving Coastline we drove east to Jacksonville for a one night stop at Flamingo Lake RV Resort. Another campground with a fancy website. The one issue that got me was all of the paperwork, disclaimers and indemnity papers we had to sign. They even made Debbie sign them as well. I guess they’ve been sued in the past and were covering themselves. The campground is not worth the aggravation.

Flamingo Lake RV “Resort”
Site OF7

We are now at Red Gate Farms RV Campground; a campground unlike anything we stayed at since going full time. It’s a very small campground with only 20+ sites, on a horse farm right outside of Savannah Georgia. The staff here is wonderful and very friendly. We are so glad to be staying here until after the New Year so we have plenty of time to check out Savannah since they have a trolly tour that stops here everyday.

Red Gate Farms
Biggest magnolia tree I ever saw
One of three ponds
Chicken coop

This weekend Red Gate hosted the Savannah Kennel Club dog show. There were lots of dogs and for the most part all were very well behaved. Unfortunately, our neighbor wasn’t one of them and had six dogs in the show that started barking at 6:30 am when they put them all outside in their pens. Needless to say we had some choice words for them, but there was really nothing they could have been done to prevent it, and the show was for only two days so we just turned up the music/TV louder, and made sure we ran errands during the day.

Dog show main tent
Dog show
Dog show dry campers
Some pretty big dogs visiting near our site

In addition to work, this week will be busy preparing for our trip up to NYC to attend a very special wedding. We’re leaving Thursday and taking the train straight into Penn Station. The Amtrak station is only four miles from the campground. how convenient is that? I’m hoping to be able to take lots of pictures, and more importantly I hope the weather holds out and there isn’t any snow. Although they had a few inches this weekend.

Until next time, safe travels.