Shakedown cruise was a success. Sort of……

We took the coach out for an overnight visit to a local campground to “move in” and run all of the systems. Everything checked out and worked as supposed to, even the satellite Dish TV! Which I was a little concerned about since we were surrounded by trees. the only “annoyance” was that every few hours I would get a message saying the service was going to turn off due to lack of activity. We weren’t changing the channels because we were busy unpacking, etc. and had it on for “background noise”. I’ll have to find the settings to change this, but that is a low priority right now.

The only other issues we had was with the water pressure, and water heater. The water pressure seems low at the kitchen sink, even though the gauge at the regulator was reading 42 psi. I tried increasing the PSI with the adjustment screw, but it never went up. The campground had us connect up to there “winter hook-ups” so that may have been the reason. I’ll keep an eye on it when we head out in a few weeks to see if it was the campground, or if there is an issue. As for the water heater, when on electric the water never got past lukewarm. It worked great on propane (really hot), so after it was warmed up, I switched it back over to electric to maintain the hot temperature. Didn’t work. We woke up to cold water this morning. I might have to make a call to the Newmar Rep to figure this one out. That’s one of the great things about Newmar, beside the quality, there is a decal on the driver’s side window with a rep’s cell number that I can call anytime for help. I’ll make sure I don’t abuse the benefit and only make calls when it’s an emergency.

As for the campground, since we were only there overnight it wouldn’t be fair to rate it. I will say the staff was super friendly and helpful and the campground was clean. None of the amenities, pool, playground, canoe rental, etc. weren’t open yet since their opening day isn’t till the end of the month. That being said, I do think the daily rate of $59.95 is really high for this campground especially since it is not an RV Resort.

All in all, water and cost aside, we achieved our goal and had a good first night in our soon to be full time home.

Safe travels!


8 thoughts on “Shakedown cruise was a success. Sort of……

  1. Congrats on your shake down cruise! Low water pressure seems to be an issue in 80% of the places where we stay (so far Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee). I place a pressure gauge on the spigot before using and most times it shows low pressure at the park (including last weekend). This causes issues with our tankless water heater and of course showering is a challenge with low pressure. Thanks for sharing! Safe travels!

  2. Great first time for you. Our first time was worst but we got thru it. We did have low pressure in the Kitchen and bathroom and it ended up being dirt particles, unscrew the ends of your faucets and clean out the screens. Worked like a charm afterwards.
    Great Coach you have!! Enjoy the journey!!

    1. Thanks Will! I’ll have to check into that, it may be dirt particles. I did email the Newmar rep that was assigned to us when we ordered the coach. I’ll let everyone know what he says in a future post.

  3. Ours was the little filter screens on the end of our kitchen faucet, too. Easy fix.

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