It’s official!

As of yesterday, April 2, 2016, we are officially Rv’ers!








But before I show you our new coach, let me explain how we got here.  There were two events that put us on a fast track to full time.

The first was receiving an inheritance that allowed us to pay off all of our debt, except for our S&B mortgage.

The second was finding an old 401k that we forgot about. I have a 401k that was sitting dormant for the past six or seven years and finally got around to rolling it into an IRA. When I did, I met with a financial planner to “run the numbers” and come up with a financial plan just to make sure when we go full time we can afford it since Debbie will be retiring, and I will be working for a few more years while on the road. The plan determined that we will have no problems financially, and we’ll have no need for Debbie’s 401k. Her 401k has been sitting dormant for quite some time. It was still in her maiden name (we’ve been married 23 years) and an with an old address so we haven’t received any statements for quite some time. Once she updated the name and address, we were blown away by the amount in the account. So much so that we cashed it in. We had enough to put aside the taxes that we’ll owe, cut the S&B mortgage in half, and enough left over for a very large downpayment.

In doing so, our planned date to go full time was reduced from 3.4 years to 17 months.

The timing also worked out well because we planned on renting an RV for a trip to OBX in May, now that we own, we can make better use of the $$$$.

We are truly blessed.

We ordered our Newmar Canyon Star 3922 (the shed) right after this past Christmas. I know a lot of full timers say to not by new, however, after much research it had the best floorpan for us. Since this is one of Newmar’s newest floor plans, there aren’t too many of them out there.


We were going to name her Celcia (Changes in latitude changes in attitude) However, after driving her home yesterday, the name doesn’t fit, so it’s back to the drawing board.

Here she is:



Interior 1

 “The Shed” at the rear of the coach has it’s own enhance door and is set up with storage cabinets, a golf bag rack, and two racks to hold bicycles. Since I don’t play golf (bad back) and we don’t ride bicycles (we should), this space will become my office / storage room once we do a little ‘re-engineering”

The shed

Like I said, we are truly blessed.

Next week is our shakedown cruise at a local campground where we we will run all of the systems to make sure all is in working order for our journey next month.

Stay tuned!

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