Our first RV rally

We recently attended our first RV rally with the Family Motor Coach Association’s (FMCA) 20th Century Wagonmasters chapter at The Resort at Massey’s Landing in Millsboro Delaware.

Being this was our first rally we didn’t know what to expect. When we arrived at Thursday night’s happy hour, the rally host made us feel very welcome and introduced us to everyone. There were so many names that I knew I would not remember most of them, which is why I guess, they all wear name badges. During the happy hour we learned that every rally is different and it’s up to the rally host to determine what events, if any, are planned. This rally was basically an eat and drink gathering; happy hours everyday at 4:30 pm, with breakfast and dinner served each day. All participants were asked to bring a side dish, or desert, to each dinner.  Everyone was on their own during the day and could do what ever they wanted. Since we are not yet towing a car, we didn’t leave the campground. We did splurge a little and rented a golf cart to drive around and check out the campground.

Massey’s Landing is a fairly new campground that has only been open a couple of years.

We were assigned site 46. The gravel site was level and next to the bath house.  Backing in was rather difficult given the directions provided by the office, but we we were able to figure out a good approach and got Cody into the space.

Site 46
Welcome Center, Camp store, and pool on the right


Ida’s Beach
Camp sites and cottages
Sailfish Lagoon
Trout Creek Lagoon

The utilities at this campground are awesome. I’m not sure if it was because we were right next to the bath house, but the water pressure was pushing 60 psi. I actually had to dial down the regulator so the high pressure wouldn’t blow any of the water lines in the coach. When I hooked up the electric,  our progressive EMS box had a high voltage error on L1, which prevented electricity from entering the coach. I called the front desk and soon a couple of maintenance guys showed up with meters. Turns out the electric was perfect, 122v on each leg. We tested the pedestal several times and determined the EMS was bad. Since it has a lifetime warranty, it will be sent back to Progressive as soon as we return.

As for wifi, Massey’s has repeaters throughout the campground and the free wifi is super fast. We were running a constant 9.35 Mbps. This is the fastest free wifi we’ve ever experienced, and at least triple of what we normally have at the campground we are staying at while the house is being sold. We definitely took advantage of the speed and updated the apps on all of our devices.

We really enjoyed our first rally and want to thank the members of the 20th Century Wagonmasters chapter for making us feel welcome. And, if we’re ever back in  Delaware, we’ll definitely be staying at The Resort at Massey’s Landing again.

Safe travels