Country Roads – Day 2 – Burnt Cabins PA to Roanoke WV

We left the Ye Olde Mill Campground and traveled west on the Pennsylvania turnpike for about 40 miles before turning south onto Route 220, which is perfectly flat with beautiful scenery. We stopped for a quick lunch at a Subway in Maryland before crossing over the West Virginia state line, where we turned west again onto Route 68.

Route 68 is another good road. A little hilly but that’s West Virginia, right? Forty five miles later we entered Morgantown where we had to make a quick stop (so we thought) outside the airport to pick up the rental car. Arriving at Enterprise we soon learned that they were running low on cars and our’s wasn’t ready because it still needed to be cleaned and filled with gas.

A hour later it was ready and we were back on the road with Debbie following behind me as we turned south onto Route 79. We were able to communicate with each other by way of the walkie-talkies I bought us last Christmas. They are definitely the best $20 I ever spent on RV gear. As we traveled, I could let her know the alerts from the GPS, like sharp curves coming up, and how many miles was left till our exit.

After an hour on Route 79, we finally arrived at the Briar Point Campground in the Stonewall Jackson State Park. We spent the rest of the evening connecting the utilities, setting up the satellite dish, and putting out the chairs. Once our work was done it was time to break out the favorite beverages and grill us a couple of steaks.

Site 25
Site 25

Daily Expenses:

  • Gas $125
  • Campsite  $42.17

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