Downtown Riverside RV Park

Location: 250 S. Locust St., North Little Rock, AR, 72114

Date Visited: September 11, 2021 to September 25, 2021

Site #: 13

Cost: $32.53 Day 

Site Details

  • Type: Pull In (back out)
  • Surface: Concrete
  • Level: Yes
  • Size: Good
  • Spacing: Tight (3 feet of gravel between pads)
  • Ease of Parking: Good
  • Utilities:
    • Electric: 50/20
    • Water:  50 psi 
    • Sewer: Yes 
    • Cable: No
    • Satellite: Yes
    • OTA Antenna: DNT
    • Propane: No
  • Picnic Table: No 
  • Fire pit: No
  • Cell Signal: 
    • Verizon: 4 Bars
  • WIFI Signal: (Download/Upload)
    • Campground: 10.7 Mbps / 4.36 Mbps 
    • Verizon: 27.1 Mbps / 8.28 Mbps
    • AT&T:  83.4 Mbps / 30.4 Mbps

Campground Amenities

  • Restrooms: Yes 
  • Showers: Yes 
  • Laundry: Yes
  • Store: No
  • Dumpster: Yes
  • Trash Pick Up: No
  • Pool: No 
  • Lake/Pond/River: Arkansas River
  • Playground: No
  • Game Room: No
  • Clubhouse: No

Rating (1 to 5 Stars): 3 Stars


This is a parking lot right next to the I-30 bridge into Little Rock (which is currently under construction). It’s a nice place no real amenities and the spacing is very tight (no side yard at all) 

Most visitors stay for a night or two, which is really what the park is good for.

We would look for a place with a few more tree if we were back in the area. Although watching the construction tugboat move around the barges with the cranes was quite entertaining. 

Website:  Downtown Riverside RV Park 

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