Crossroads Coach Resort at the ROB

Location: 243 S. Church Street, Lake City, SC 29560

Date Visited: February 20, 2021 to March 20, 2021

Site #: 16

Cost: $21.54 Day (monthly discount)

Site Details

  • Type: Pull through
  • Surface: Concrete
  • Level: Yes
  • Size: Good
  • Spacing: Good
  • Ease of Parking: Good
  • Utilities:
    • Electric: 50/30/20
    • Water:  55 psi 
    • Sewer: Yes 
    • Cable: No
    • Satellite: Yes 
    • OTA Antenna: NA
    • Propane: No 
  • Picnic Table: Yes
  • Fire pit: No
  • Cell Signal: 
    • Verizon: 3 Bars
  • WIFI Signal: (Download/Upload)
    • Campground: 16.0 Mbps / 12.3 Mbps 
    • Verizon: 21.7 Mbps / 9.51 Mbps
    • AT&T:  5.16 Mbps / 6.21 Mbps

Campground Amenities

  • Restrooms: Yes 
  • Showers: Yes 
  • Laundry: Yes
  • Store: No
  • Dumpster: Yes
  • Trash Pick Up: Yes
  • Pool: No 
  • Lake/Pond/River: No
  • Playground: No
  • Game Room: No
  • Clubhouse: No

Rating (1 to 5 Stars): 3.5 Stars


This is a really hard campground to rate. By far, it is not your typical “Resort”, it does not have a pool, or playground, but the service, cleanliness, and staff, is far better than any high costing resort we’ve ever visited. 

As for the town, it’s small (population 6,500). Not too much in the way of restaurants (mostly fast food) and grocery stores (one IGA and one Walmart).

Also, there is a very active railroad line nearby. Trains run throughout the day and night, so if that’s a problem for you (we got used to it), you don’t want to come here.

All in all, if we were back in this area, we would stay here again. The spaces, utilities, and staff make it worth the visit.

Website:  Crossroads Coach Resort at the ROB 

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