Ashland / Huntington West KOA

Location: 80 KOA Lane, Argillite, KY 41121

Date Visited: May 30, 2020 to June 7, 2020

Site #: 23

Cost: $43.77 / Day 

Site Details

  • Type: Pull Through
  • Surface: Gravel 
  • Level: Fair
  • Size: Fair
  • Spacing: Cloae
  • Ease of Parking: Fair
  • Utilities:
    • Electric: 50/30/20
    • Water:  55 psi 
    • Sewer: Yes 
    • Cable: Yes – 24 Channels
    • Satellite: Yes
    • OTA Antenna: NA
    • Propane: Yes
  • Picnic Table: Yes
  • Fire pit: No
  • Cell Signal: 
    • Verizon: 4 Bars
  • WIFI Signal: (Download/Upload)
    • Campground: 2.04 Mbps / 4.87 Mbps
    • Verizon: 54.4 Mbps / 19.0 Mbps
    • AT&T:  22.8 Mbps / 0.99 Mbps

Rating (1 to 5 Stars): 3 Stars


The is a true “campground” since there is nothing to do in the area and the park is sandwiched between the Veterans Cemetery and an industrial park. Ashland KY is 15 miles to the north, and Huntington WV is 24 miles to the east. The park does have a lot of amenities, and I’m sure they will open up once the pandemic is over. The staff is very friendly and the park appears to be well maintained. If you’re in the area, this may be a good place to stop for the night, since there are not too many campgrounds in the area.

Website:  Ashland / Huntington West KOA

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