Our final month in Carrabelle

I guess time does fly when you’re having fun since we are entering our final month here at Ho Hum. Unlike other winter stops, we haven’t done much sight seeing since this is our third visit to the area and once you see all of the sites, there’s not much more to do other than relax and enjoy the view.

Our visit started off with a little excitement (not) when two days after arriving we were under a tornado warning and was reported to have touched down five miles north of us. It seems that storms are getting more violent, which has me concerned for when go back on the road. 

Once we were set up, we put out the Christmas decorations, which seemed strange because the weather and the view didn’t match the holiday. For our Christmas dinner we had a nice big steak and huge lobster tails I had flown in from Maine. First time I ever cooked lobster on the grill, and it was successful cause they were delicious.

One of the highlights of our time here was the visit from our daughters and granddaughter. It was so good to see them, and we’ve missed them so much since they left, but we still get to see them from time to time with Facetime (isn’t technology great). 

We’ve made several upgrades since arriving, the biggest being the replacement of the washer that hasn’t work right in the past couple of months.

I also upgraded the cell booster, and WIFI rooftop antenna. The cell booster was five or six years old and was banged by a tree branch in Pennsylvania back in October. It still worked but the new antenna and booster is more powerful and reaches towers up to 74% farther than the model we had (so they say). We’ll see, but so far, their claim is accurate.

The WIFI antenna was also hit by the tree branch. It still worked, but not a good as it should, and would drop off every now and then and had to be rebooted. I upgraded to a Parsec Husky Pro, which is half the height of the old antenna (2.25”) so I will lose a lot of rooftop equipment before I damage this antenna.

Both antennas are also 5G capable.

The last maintenance item we’ve done was the annual service of the generator with the change in oil and all filters (oil, air, fuel) so we’re good for another year or so depending on our usage.

The only item we have left is to have the coach washed, waxed, and detailed which is scheduled for the 14th of March.

Then it’s back on the road to our next destinations which you can see by clicking the “Where We’re Going” tab above.

Until then

Safe travels 

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  1. We have driven by Carabelle a few times over the years and I always thought it looked like a fun place to spend some time. It doesn’t get much better than relaxing with that gorgeous view!

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