It’s been a rough week – TGIF

It’s been a rough week, besides work being crazy busy, we woke up on Monday morning to no heat and 55 degrees inside.

During the night we ran out of propane. Luckily I have a couple of space heaters, so at 5:30 in the morning I was outside in the dark getting them out of the basement storage bay. The local propane company delivers on Tuesday and Thursday, so I was on the phone with them to schedule as soon as they opened.

With the space heater running, I thought all was good, but all of the sudden we lost power. I went outside to checker the breaker on the pole and it wasn’t tripped. I went in and out several time resetting the outside breaker and waiting for the EMS to cycle and once I heard the transfer switch click, all should be good, but no. Still no power inside. After several attempts I checked the GFI’s and they wouldn’t reset. I also noticed the slots were covered as if they have a shutter closed behind them. I later found out that these are tamper resistant receptacles, hence the shutter.

Back outside the EMS was showing an PE-7 error code, which means previously we had high frequency (above 69 Hz)

Seems the EMS died, luckily I have a spare. So after a trip to Ace Hardware in town I was back changing out the GFI’s, and after resetting the breaker on the inverter, which I’ve never used since it is for powering the residential refrigerator if we boondock, which we never do, the power was back on.

Unfortunately, all my work that was open on the computer was lost so I had to start the day all over again.

So TGIF and time for happy hour. We deserve it this week.

Until next time