2 thoughts on “our visit to the eastern shore of Maryland

  1. Al we love asseteque. Deb and go every sept for a week. We stay at the state park on a loop that has electric. No other hook ups but the loop has a dump station and fresh water. You need to book it a year in advance very hard to get a site but well worth it. The sites are just over the dunes and you hear the ocean it’s great. The pony’s come right to your site. Hope you are doing well. What do you use for internet how much does it cost how many gigs and can you stream tv on it. Let me know thanks sal and deb

    1. I don’t stream TV since we have satellite, cable, and the OTA antenna. For work, I have a Verizon MIFI with four SIM cards $20 a piece for a total of 60 GB before they start throttling. Deb has a Nighthawk hotspot router through AT&T unlimited but they throttle during peak times when she goes way over (she watches a lot of videos). And lastly I have a WiFiRanger antenna that captures free WiFi within a two mile radius and brings in the signal behind a firewall so it’s a secure network. I use this when the campground signal is decent , which after four years on the road is about 10% of the time. That said, if the “free” signal is decent, i can save a lot of my “paid” WiFi especially when working and transferring large amounts of files. This saves me to use the paid WiFi on the numerous video conferences I have every week.

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