A weekend filled with food, airboats, and alligators

Both live and fake. (will explain later in the post)

We started our weekend with more food trucks visiting the resort on Friday night

This time there were three new trucks, and we ended up just having cheeseburgers and garlic and lime fries. The burgers were good, but two of the trucks serviced ribs so there wasn’t too much of a choice.

On Saturday, we headed down to Everglade City to Captain Jack’s, for the Total Everglade Combo tour.

There and back we passed through the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge.

It was really strange to see the Panther Crossing Signs . Since these panthers are nocturnal , we didn’t get a chance to see any crossing the road.

Arriving at Captain Jack”s our first airboat ride was the Mangrove Tour. They said we would see unique Everglades plants and animals. And our captain will entertain you with stories, folklore, history, and fun animal facts.

We saw Mangroves. Not much else. And the captain hardly said a word.

Once we got back, we had to drive about five miles over to our next tour, which was the Grassland Airboat Tour.

Advertised as a half hour of gliding along a river of grass as you explore our 259-acre private Everglades reserve. Your captain will show you the plants, animals, and beautiful open scenery of the famous Everglades grasslands.

We didn’t glide across any grass, but the captain did explain the plants and showed us a few alligators (none were alive) in between doing 360’s with the boat.

We did actually see one live alligator when we were at the dock waiting for the ride.

Our next adventure was crossing the street and taking the swamp buggy tour. Unfortunately, being so dry it wasn’t a “swamp” ride, but the driver was the most informative (even with the fake alligators) and explained the whole ecosystem and it’s history.

After the tour, we drove back to Everglade City for an early shrimp dinner at The City Seafood Cafe Market . The shrimp platter was really good and the view was spectacular.

It was good to check off another Florida attraction, and we are looking forward to our next adventure while we are here.

Until next time.

3 thoughts on “A weekend filled with food, airboats, and alligators

    1. I understand that wildlife is totally unpredictable, but to purposely stop at a dummy alligator and say here’s one, take a picture, Just rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe I’m being too critical, but the airboat ride we took with Wild Willy’s Airboat Tours on Lake Tohopekaliga was much better.

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