Antelope Island State Park

Antelope Island is the largest island in the Great Salt Lake and home to free-roaming herds of bison, mule deer, and pronghorn antelope.

Although, the day we visited it was pushing 95 degrees and I think that may be the reason why the animals weren’t roaming freely. Which you really can’t blame them, if I was out there, I would probably be under a tree in the shade with a cold one (or two, or three)

A Seagull – Utah’s State Bird (really!)

They say the bison are the island’s most famous residents. Twelve animals were introduced to the island in 1893 and were the foundation for today’s herd of 300-500. An annual roundup is held each fall to assess the health of the herd and sell extra animals in order to keep the island’s ecosystem in balance.

Surrounding the island is the Great Salt Lake, the largest lake west of the Mississippi River. Salinity levels are too high to support most aquatic species. However, brine shrimp, brine flies, and algae thrive in the lake and are the primary food source for migrating birds.

Great Salt Lake

Fielding Garr established the first permanent residence on the Island in 1848, with a modest log cabin. Within two years, Garr expanded the ranch compound to include the adobe ranch house and several out buildings. The LDS church assigned Grr to watch over the large cattle herd, and the ranch was continually inhabited from that time until1981 when the State of Utah purchased Antelope Island.

After touring the island looking for wildlife, we went over to the concession stand and had lunch at the Island Buffalo Grill. The cheeseburgers were decent, and they hit the spot. The do have buffalo burgers on the menu, but we chose the beef variety since I’ve had buffalo burgers before and can’t really tell the difference (other than the higher price)

Island Buffalo Grill

This was our final stop on the Utah tour. After working this week, we begin our migration east to New Jersey to see family, friends and doctors. We will be traveling on both Saturday and Sunday, and parking for the week to work, then repeating the process all the way across the country. 

Not much is planned, but we do have a few surprises up our sleeves so stay tuned.

Until next time.