It’s been a crazy couple of weeks

Weather: Cloudy, mid 70s

Location: LAT 39.44203, LONG -76.94134

We left Donegal Campground and headed east towards New Jersey. The drive was more miles than we prefer to do in one day so after about 212 miles, we stopped at the Walmart in Elverson PA for the night. As soon as we got there, I went in to make sure it was ok with the manager that we parked for the night.  It was ok, and we were parked as far as one could away from the store, which allowed us to run the generator, so we could have AC and Satellite TV (two important things). However, we did not drop the levelers, or put out the slides. It was tight, but doable, and we got a good night’s sleep.

The next morning, we had a short 93 mile drive to the Indian Rock Campground in New Jersey. Where we’ll be for a week for Dr. appointments, and to have the RV and Jeep serviced. We’re also have the Blue Ox tow bar and base plate installed so we’ll have the option to tow if we need to (Debbie enjoys driving behind the RV while listening to the Margaritaville station on the radio.)

While we were in town we had the opportunity to have dinner with my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew to catch up on what’s been happening this past year. thanks for a great time Debbie, Eddie and Andrew!

We also celebrated happy hour with our friends Jim & Kim Matthews. Jim and Kim gave us a bottle of Bookers when we started this journey a year ago, which was opened before we left and not touched while we been traveling around the country. We still haven’t finished the bottle so be ready Jim for when we return next year!

As we were pulling out of the campground, on our way to our next stop, Debbie radioed me saying that I lost the cover to our antenna. At first, I pictured losing part of the batwing OTA antenna since we had to use that while at Indian Rock. Debbie turned around and made a valiant effort to find the cover, but was not successful. When we stopped for fuel at the service area on the turnpike I looked up and realized it was the cover to the cell booster that blew off, not sure how it happened since the antenna is clamped to the top of the ladder. I doubt a hit a low branch since if I did it would have done more damaged to the AC units, since they sit higher on the roof.

We continued on and the rain showers started, as we pulled into the toll plaza at the Delaware Memorial Bridge, all seemed fine, until I started to pull out and BAM, I hit something on the passenger side that took off the side mirror. I swear I never saw anything that was sticking out and Debbie was behind me and she never saw anything either. I turned on the passenger side camera and continued on thinking the mirror was sitting in the road back at the toll plaza. A little further down the road, a we left 95 and started down Rt 1, I realized that the mirror was actually still hangin on by the wires and was no bouncing against the coach. We pulled over, and as the rain was pouring down, I tied up the mirror with a zip tie and Gorrilla Tape.

The rain continued until just before we pulled into Massey’s Landing, and only briefly stopped while I was setting up. Needless to say, this was the trip from hell. Thanks for the parting gift New Jersey.

This was our second visit to the Resort at Massey’s Landing. Last year, before we went full time, we stayed here for a weekend with the NJ chapter of FMCA. This time our good friend, Sal & Deb Colianni, were here, so we were looking forward to visiting with them.

We were assigned site 13, and after backing in, I realized that the site was one big mud pit. This would just not do for our week stay, so I went back to the office to see if there were any better sites available. Fortunately, there was site 209, which was on the side that Sal and Debbie were.

The rain continued throughout the weekend, and things didn’t work out for us to get together with the Colianni’s until Monday when we went out to breakfast before they hit the road. Sal & Deb have a brand new Newmar Ventana, and we got a chance to see it before we went to the diner. It’s a beautiful coach and we wish them lots of happy miles and safe travels with it. Thanks for a great breakfast Sal & Debbie. I’m sure we’ll meet each other somewhere down the road!

With news of hurricane Flo barreling down towards the U.S., I was a little concerned when we drove over to the diner, and the main road (and only road) out to the park was flooded in several areas. It did rain most of the weekend, but not really heavy, so seeing the flooded was really concerning.

I kept watching the numerous weather apps I have and finally decided on Tuesday evening to bug out and head inland. I know the storm was going to come ashore in North Carolina, however when the had mandatory evacuations on the eastern shore of Virginia (60+ miles south) I figured it’s better to be safe than sorry. Besides, our house has wheels – one of the benefits of full timing is you can leave if you want.

So, on Wednesday, we headed west 120+ miles to Cherry Hill Park in College Maryland. We’ve been here for five days and I’ve been working most of the days, and nights, making up for the mid-week travel day. Weather hasn’t been a issue, as it’s been mostly cloudy all of the days we’ve been here. Not sure how Massey’s Landing faired, but I think we made the right decision to move.

Cherry Hill has been a nice stop, even though most of the time here I’ve been working. They have a lot of amenities and a bus stop to take you to the DC attractions (maybe next time). They also have a small restaurant that serves really good food. However, all good things must come to an end, and tomorrow we travel to Virginia Beach for visits with family and friend visits and to attend my Navy reunion.

Should be a good time.