Carrabelle Florida

February 3, 2018 – Moving towards the gulf

Weather: Mostly cloudy, mid 60s

Today we traveled in a northwesterly direction, 257 miles, to Carrabelle Florida. We’re staying at the Ho Hum RV Park for the entire month of February.

February 4, 2018 – Checking out Carrabelle

Weather: Rain in the morning, turning cloudy in the afternoon, high 60s

The day started out with me cooking breakfast for me and Debbie. Scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, bacon and toast. Not gourmet, but it tasted good.

After breakfast we went for a ride around Carrabelle to see the town. We found the Bottle House, drove around the marina, and past the crooked lighthouse.



We also traveled west towards where we stayed a couple of months ago in Eastpoint. The rain was really coming down hard and we had to pull over a couple of times because we couldn’t see the road so we turned around and headed back to the campground.

On our way we stopped at the local IGA and picked up some groceries. I wouldn’t consider IGA a supermarket, it’s more of a small grocery store.

After getting home, we settled in for the night to watch the Super Bowl. It was a great game. Congrats to the Eagles!

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