Galveston Island

We spent 34 days at Galveston Island RV Resort and enjoyed very minute. It’s a clean, well kept, well managed campground with very friendly staff.

Galveston Island RV Resort
Site 82

Since I had to work during the week, we fell into a routine as if we were still living in the stick & brick house and just spent the off hours with relaxing “happy hours” and cookouts.

Here’s some of our more memorable moments during our visit:

Our first night there we went out to dinner for seafood at Miller’s Seawall Grill. The food was good but overpriced, and the Key Lime pie was huge and delicious.

Crab Cakes
Fried Shrimp and Oysters

During the first week, we had an issue with the air conditioning. it shut down with and E-1 error (loss of communications). The manual tells you what the error code is but don’t tell you what caused it, or how to resolve. I called the phone number on the sticker near the driver’s seat of the Newmar Rep, not expecting much since it was 6:30 PM, but I was pleasantly surprised when Bruce Bordner answered the phone. Bruce throughly explained what happened, and walked me through the process of resetting the thermostat. We are so glad we purchased a Newmar – They have excellent customer service.

On a bad note, during our first week, we had a fire while warming tacos in the oven. Debbie just finished cooking the hamburger, and the oven was off. Who knew tacos were flammable.

Taco fire

I contacted Newmar and ordered a new convection oven and it arrived within a week. It took about an hour to switch out the ovens, and we were back in business.

New convection oven

With all of the problems resolved, we went out for an adventure and drove on the beach to the end of the island. We had a blast

Galveston Island looking north 
Gulf of Mexico
Galveston Island looking south

We also went on a Duck Boat tour. It was ok, but we expected more. I guess since it was a Sunday and during their off-season, they weren’t putting out much effort.

We also took a day trip off of the island in search of Long Horn Cattle. It took us a while but we eventually found a couple, although I thought their horns would be bigger. They might not even be long horns, but hey, what do I know, I’m originally from New Jersey.

Long horn cattle?

We went on a historical tour one weekend, it was in a small van, and very informative, but unfortunately, not conducive for photographs. We learned a lot about the Island. The most interesting fact was the palm trees aren’t native to the island. They were imported after the 1900 hurricane.

During our stay the Island hosted the Lone Star Biker Rally. The website estimated there would be almost 400,000 bikers attending. Needless to say, we did our grocery shopping beforehand and hunkered down at the campground during. We counted 85 campers arriving on Friday, and only a dozen open spots the entire weekend. We expected a rowdy weekend, and surprisingly everyone was very well behaved.

Here’s some before pictures of the resort:

Galveston Island Resort office, clubhouse, store
Food Truck

The weather, except for a couple of days, was almost perfect with low to mid 80’s and sunshine. The only downside is 34 days is a long time to stay in one spot, and like I said, we fell into a routine and it started to not feel like we were wandering. So for 2018, we’re changing our plans and limiting stays at any location to no more than two weeks.

Our next stop on our adventure is New Orleans. Stayed tuned.

Until then, Safe Travels


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  1. ‘The Great Taco Inferno of 2017’. That’s definitely a new one! I just hope you still got to enjoy your tacos and they weren’t covered in fire extinguisher powder. Lol. Interesting comment on wanting to stay in places for shorter periods. We’re on our first lengthy stay (2 months). So far, so good, but it’ll be interesting to see if we start getting bored or restless. Guess we’ll know soon enough. Happy travels!

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