Hibernation & The Great Debate

Unless you were actually hibernating in February, you already know the unbearable cold weather that’s been gripping a majority of the country. Here in the northeast, it was the coldest February in 80 years.

images A few comments about this past month’s weather:

  1. Snow is not pretty. It is depressing. One hundred inches of anything weather related is just too much.
  2. Even with power tools, clearing the driveway and sidewalks is a pain in the back (you thought I was going to name another body part, didn’t you)
  3. The #1 rule when we go full-time will be to stay in areas of the country that are 65 to 75 degrees. Using the air-conditioning is an option, using the heater is not.


images 1

A few days ago, the “Great Debate” once again surfaced on a Facebook RV Group I follow.

The “Great Debate” is not about what direction the roll goes. (BTW, “B” is the correct answer)

It’s about what type of paper to use, normal or RV specific. It’s amazing how many people respond with their opinion, and how “heated” the debate becomes. Being a “newbie”, on our first trip to Maine, we brought about a half-dozen rolls of RV toilet paper we purchased from Camping World.

Having septic systems (yes, plural) at our S&B property, we soon realized that there’s no difference between household toilet paper and RV toilet paper. It is, well, just toilet paper after all. And, as long as  you’re using enough water, and use a holding tank treatment like RV-Digest It. There’s no reason to use the more expensive RV stuff.

One person who responded to the debate said it best, “Whatever goes in the 2.5″ toilet hole, will come out the 3″ dump hose hole”.  Pure poetry.

A few people responded that they never put paper down the toilet. They put it in a trashcan next to the toilet, then take it out once a day and throw it away.  Really? I don’t understand the rationale with this one and probably never will. Besides shaking my head, all I can say is, to each his own.

So whatever side you take on the “Great Debate”; A or B, household or RV, down the toilet or out with the trash,  just remember the job’s not finished until the paperwork is done.

In closing, as I look out the window, it’s now snowing again.  The local forecast is for it to turn to rain and then freeze by morning with the potential of a  1/2″ of ice covering everything. I guess my comments on the February weather will have to extend into March.





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  1. Fun post! I’m almost afraid to admit it, but we’re the don’t flush your toilet paper kind. Of course, we have a teeny tiny black water tank (9 gallons), so we can’t flush down tons of water down our tanks to help prevent clogs with the toilet paper.

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