Thanksgiving aboard the Georgia Queen

After leaving the Chicago area we made a mad dash towards New Jersey, driving almost daily, to see family and for Debbie’s annual doctor appointment.

It was a rough trip and thanks to the toll booth in Ohio for taking off the passenger side mirror, which cost a pretty penny to replace. Also, after getting gas at a Flying J in Smithton PA, we now have a check engine light. I initially thought it was because of bad gas since it came on about 30 minutes after we filled up, but after eight weeks and 1,200 miles, it’s still lit. The strange thing is that there hasn’t been any decrease in performance, or gas mileage. Also finding a ford dealership with enough room to fit a 40’ motorhome into their bay has been challenging to say the least.

After leaving New Jersey, we made our way south on I-95 stopping at some of our favorite RV parks, Castaways RV Resort & Campground (now Sun Outdoors Ocean City), Virginia Beach KOA Holiday, Raleigh Oaks RV Resort, CrossRoads Coach Resort at the ROB. Arriving for the Thanksgiving holiday at Red Gate Farms in Savannah Georgia.

We had our Thanksgiving dinner aboard the Georgia Queen during a cruise on the Savannah River. The food was really good, and at the end we were stuffed. Unfortunately, there were no leftovers for the typical next day turkey sandwich, but that’s ok, the adventure was worth it.

The Georgia Queen measures an impressive 230 ft long, 64 ft wide, 68ft tall, and features three grand ballrooms. Luckily, we were on the first floor, but they have an elevator, so you don’t have to climb the stairs to get to the second or third level. 

The Savannah River is a shipping channel and home to Savannah Harbor, the nation’s fourth-largest seaport for oceangoing container ships

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Some of the remaining supports from the old bridge can be seen on either side of the river. The cost of removing the old bridge was greater than the cost of erecting the new bridge.

We have only one more stop before we land at our winter home on the gulf in Carrabelle Florida. We’re looking forward to seeing the views out the windshield and maybe finally finding the 70 degrees we keep chasing.

Until next time,

Safe travels.

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  1. Al happy Thanksgiving I also lost my passenger side mirror on the Ohio tollbooth they are the narrowest till booths I have ever gone thru. It’s hard to drive without that very stressful. How did you do with your check engine light. Mine has come on a few times I had to get an exhaust sensor replaced. I guess it’s all part of owning a coach. Happy to hear you and Deb are doing fine and enjoying your travels. We sold our home in late September and now living in a rental until mid May and then have a seasonal site I port republic. Not sure what wr are going to do as far as buying a home. Happy holidays be healthy safe and enjoy your dream Sal & Deb

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