Las Vegas

It’s good to be tourists again!

However, before we could go see the sites we had to have the front rooftop air conditioner replaced. We had it serviced while we were at Eagle View, and knew about the noisy bearing, but once we got to Las Vegas it really started getting noisy and the volume of air decreased. We were lucky that we could get Jeff’s RV Repair out with a new one right before the weather became unbearable.

Our touristing started out with a visit to Americas First National Recreation Area at Lake Mead.

The weather was perfect for our drive. Here’s some of the scenery.

On our way back from Lake Mead, we stopped at the Clark County Museum

For those of you who watch the TV Show Pawn Stars, this is the museum that the “Beard of Knowledge” was the administrator. (He retired last year). It was a very interesting place, and with the senior discount only cost $1.00.

The next day, in keeping with the Pawn Star theme, we started out with a visit to the famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.

It was smaller than it appears on the show, but a lot of the merchandise we remembered.

After the pawn shop, we drove the entire strip to see all of the casinos. Being that we used to live near Atlantic City NJ, we know that casinos are in business to take your money, so we didn’t venture inside any of them.

Like I said, it was great being a tourist again.

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