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Santa Rosa Campground & RV Park

Location: 2136 Historic Rt. 66, Santa Rosa, NM 88435

Date Visited: November 6, 2021 to November 12, 2021

Site #: 14

Cost: $48.52 Day 

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Campground Amenities

Rating (1 to 5 Stars): 3 Stars


This is a mostly transient park with only a few long term occupants. The grounds are well kept (not much here but gravel) and the staff is friendly. There is a restaurant on site that delivers to your site. The food is decent, along with the prices. Which is a good thing because there’s not much in the way of stores or restaurants in Santa Rosa.

Compared to the other RV Parks in Santa Rosa that I drove past, this is where you want to stay.

Website:  Santa Rosa Campground & RV Park 

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