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Barnyard RV Park (second visit)

Location: 201 Oak Drive, Lexington, SC 29073

Date Visited: January 23, 2021 to February 20, 2021

Site #: A5

Cost: $30.98 Day 

Site Details

Campground Amenities

Rating (1 to 5 Stars): 3.5 Stars


This is our second time at Barnyard RV Park. We were originally scheduled to be north of Atlanta at Margaretville for the month but had to cancel because they stop providing propane.  So, we were very lucky they had a spot available for us. Originally, we were only going to stay for 12 days, but had a cancellation which allowed us to stay a full month.

Nothing really has changed since we were here in November 2019, it still doesn’t have a lot of your typical amenities, much of the sites are still occupied by full time residents, and it’s still located behind the Barnyard Flea Market. However, after staying here this time, it’s a great place compared to the other campgrounds in the area, and the staff is always friendly and does their best to make you happy.

If you stay here, there’s lots of good restaurants in the area to check out:

The last time we were here we said we’d probably won’t be back in this area again. If we visit South Carolina we’d probably be closer to the coast. which is why you never say never.

So, now, if we come back to this area, this will be our place to stop.

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