A Review of our 2020 travels

We began 2020 in Labelle Florida at Riverbend Motorcoach Resort. As you know our 2020 travel plans changed several times during the year do to Covid-19, and we ended up just moving north to NJ for doctor appointments, Rhode Island to visit family, and then back south to “self-isolate” . Unfortunately, the virus is still impacting the nation but there is a light at the end of the tunnel with the new vaccine. Hopefully things will get better in 2021.

Notable places we’ve visited:

  • Key West
  • Sanibel Island
  • Chincoteague Island

Total miles traveled = 3,347 (6,798 in 2019)

Average miles driven between stops = 159 (about the same as 2019)

Total number of stops = 21 (44 in 2019)

Total costs for campgrounds = $24,036.71

Average cost for campground (per day) = $65.85


Expenses 2020 vs 2019

  • 14% decrease in the Household category 
  • 17% decrease in the Recreation category 
  • 39% decrease in the Medical category
  • 61% decrease in Vehicle category 
  • Minimal change in Utility category
  • 18% increase in campground costs
  • 6% decrease in supply costs
  • 67% decrease in clothing costs
  • 8% increase in food costs
  • 9% increase in liquor costs
  • 31% increase in cigarette costs
  • 6% increase in costs for gifts
  • 12% decrease in computer costs
  • 9% increase in postage costs
  • 93% decrease in fun stuff items
  • 49% decrease in ATM usage (ATM fees are credited by bank) 
  • 38% decrease in book purchases
  • 11% increase in costs for eating at restaurants (take out)
  • 39% decrease in dental expenses
  • 9% increase in cost of health insurance 
  • 94% decrease in eyecare expenses
  • 19% decrease in out of pocket costs for prescriptions
  • No Doctor costs (co-pay)
  • 64% decrease in fuel expense
  • 88% decrease for costs for service & parts for the coach 
  • 37% decrease for costs for service & parts for the Jeep
  • 13% increase for insurance on the coach
  • 21% decrease for insurance on the Jeep
  • No change in cost for CoachNet insurance
  • 54% decrease in cost for Tolls
  • No parking costs
  • 3% increase in cellular / data costs
  • 14% increase in Satellite costs  
  • 6% increase in Sirius Radio costs
  • 34% decrease in propane costs
  • No electric costs


Our first goal for 2019 was to stay at better places. Even though our per day costs increased $12.27 per day, we were choosing campgrounds that were open on our route and not destinations we wanted visit. We’ll have to see how we do in 2021.

The second goal was to spend more time and money doing fun stuff. Clearly Covid-19 had other ideas, so for 2021 we’ll just have to wait and see when it becomes safe again.

Until then, Stay Safe and Stay Healthy

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