It’s been a crazy roller coaster month to say the least.

In our last post, I mentioned Debbie’s health issues, and that we extended our stay at Ashaway until September 12th.

Well, without getting into too much detail, during the follow up visit with the hospital general practitioner doctor, we were told about three “areas of concern” that showed up on the CT scan, and that she thought the best course of action is to go in and surgically remove area instead of performing any biopsy. We left her office and went home and received a call apologizing because the doctor was given the wrong chart to review before talking to us. (because of Covid, we saw her in the lobby since Debbie coughed – in her mask – while getting her temperature taken)

The doctor recommended a Pet Scan, to look further at the three areas of concern to determine what course of treatment we should expect. We were also told to cancel all travel plans, that we would probably be here for the winter, at least.

We were also told that in addition to the three areas of concern, Debbie also had a dissected aorta.  

So, again, I cancelled our travel plans for spending the winter in South Carolina and began looking for a site for the winter. Since Rhode Island’s campground start closing for the season in late October, I also began searching for houses to rent. Luckily, Mystic KOA does have winter full hook up winter sites, and I was able to reserve the last one they had.

So, while we were waiting on the scheduling of the Pet Scan, I began looking into ways to skirt the coach and adapt for a large propane tank, so that we can be comfortable once the snow comes.  I learned that skirting is really expensive. A do it yourself kit runs close to $1,500, and having it done by someone can run between $2,500 and $3,500. And there is a good chance the attachment points on the coach could damage the paint when we wanted to remove them.

WOW, but it’s something that will need to get done if we’re going to spend the winter here.

The day of the Pet Scan finally came, and the results were not as bad as the general practitioner doctor first told us. One area on the CT scan we were told was 6 cm and on the Pet Scan it was 0.9 cm and recommended just monitoring it. Another area, which they wanted to perform a biopsy, turned out to be nothing at all on the mammogram. In fact, the doctor who looked at the mammogram wanted a follow up in six months, then later that afternoon said it wouldn’t be necessary and cancelled the appointment.

The only issue left is an appointment with a cardiologist to discuss treatment for the dissected aorta, which happened this week, and to our surprise it was a misdiagnosis, there is no dissected aorta.  

Like I said, it’s been a crazy roller coaster month.

We still have one last follow up appointment next week with the general practitioner doctor, but I think it will be quick with a final goodbye.

Our plan now is to get back on the road and leave Rhode Island on October 1. We’ll travel down the east coast and spend Christmas and New Year on Hilton Head Island.

September will be a busy month getting the coach road worthy since we’ve been parked here since late June.

It’s good to be back.

Stay safe and stay healthy