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Jonestown / Hershey NE KOA

Location: 11 Lickdale Rd, Jonestown, PA 17038

Date Visited: October 12, 2019 to October 19, 2019

Site #: 69

Cost: $51.94 / Day

Site Details

Campground Amenities

Rating (1 to 5 Stars): 3.0 Stars


This is not your standard KOA Journey that is near a highway with minimal amenities. This one has a store with a liquor license and a restaurant that serves Broaster Chicken, ribs, wings, and ice cream. That’s the good points. The bad point is the low water pressure (40 psi) when you share the connection with the site next to you. Good thing we have a pump that we can use to maintain water pressure when you’re in the shower. That being said, if your visiting Hershey, the campground is less than 20 miles away.

As for returning, I don’t think so. There’s not much to do in Jonestown (pop. 1,905), and if we were again in the area, we would look for something closer to a bigger city.

Website:  Jonestown / Hershey NE KOA 

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