“There’s Silver in Them Thar Hills”

Last week we attended our first Newmar Kountry Klub FullTimers rally, “There’s Silver in Them Thar Hills, in Silver City New Mexico. 

The rally started off with a “meet n greet” at campground’s clubhouse called “The Barn”. 

We then drove over the visitor center and walked alongside the “Big Ditch” and through old silver city, to Millie’s Bake House, where we had dinner.

Day two of the rally was filled with more food and activities. We met the group at the Burro Mountain Homestead, a 210 acre, 105-year-old, historic ranch at elevation 6,630 nestled in tall pines and junipers of the Gila National Forest, and was given a guided tour by our rally host, Barbara Nuehring. 

It was followed by a delicious spaghetti dinner prepared by John and Nancy Kelker (crew of the infamous Time Bandit), and Bud and Judy Hawley.

The group then met back to the campground and had cake around the campfire. Unfortunately, my day began with a 6AM conference call, so we decided to end the day early and head back to the motorhome.

On Day three, the group met at The Barn for breakfast burritos an then set out for tours of the Mimbres Cultural Heritage Center and the Gila Cliff Dwellings. Being that is was a work day, we stayed at the motorhome, but we did meet everyone for dinner at the Buckhorn Saloon in nearby Pinos Altos.

The last day of the rally was a free day for everyone (aka work day for me) followed by a pot luck dinner and afterwards sitting around the campfire for one last time before everyone hits the road again.

We really enjoyed the rally and look forward to meeting everyone again at the fall rally in upstate New York in September. Thanks to everyone for making us feel welcome and part of an awesome group of travelers.  

Until next time,