Wintering in Arizona

We’ve been at our winter home now for a week, and are really enjoying the sunshine and warm tempteratures. However, being in the desert, once the sun goes down, the temperature drops and we’re still running the heater at night.

Being that Arizona is known for having very hard water, the first thing on the agenda when we arrived was to change all of the water filters and connect up the new water softener with the new hoses.

Next on the priority list was to check out the local restaurants and find a good pizzeria and Chinese take out place. Luckily we found both, so we are good to go with the fast food side of life. Although we did try a local cafe which we put in the failure column. The food was good, but the service was an abomination. Luckily there are a lot more for us to check out over the next few months.

Next on our to do list was to contact a local detailer to come out and give the coach and jeep a well deserved wash and wax. We contacted David’s RV Wash and made an appointment for Wednesday. They showed up earlier than we scheduled, which was not a problem, and did a fantastic job. If you’re in the area and need a wash & wax I highly recommend contacting them.

Next up on the list was to redo the office. I’ve had a large, heavy, desk that was taking up way too much room, and it was just wasting space. Not to mention, the weight (probably close to 200 lbs)

I found a decent size desk and file cabinet on Amazon and had it delivered to the resort. I broke down the old desk and hauled it over to the dumpster, and set up the new office furniture. The set up is much better and the really cool thing about the desk is that it collapses so it can be stored when we travel. However, I may just anchor it down. Either way it’s a good option if we need more space.

The rest of the week was spent doing our normal routine. Working everyday, grocery shopping, etc. It may be boring routine but at least we’re bored where the weather is nice.

Yesterday we drove up to the LensCrafters store in Chandler to order new lenses for the glasses I got last year in New Orleans. We chose a secondary road so it was a nice drive through the desert. I’ll make sure to take some pictures when I go back in a week or so. On the way back we stopped at the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

Unfortunately it was closed due to the government shut down, so it will have to go back on the to-do list. Hopefully our politicians will get their act together and open the government back up soon.

It’s been a great first week here at our winter home and we are looking forward to checking out more of the area and enjoying the great weather.

Until next time,

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