Changing travel plans

Winter weather appears to have come earlier that we anticipated. The average high for this area of Missouri this time of year is supposed to be 60 degrees.

The beginning of this week it snowed!


And yesterday we woke up to 8 degrees

Baby, it’s cold outside

it’s a good thing I throughly insulated the water pipe and am using a heated water hose or we would have been in big trouble.


We originally were planning on visiting Amarillo Texas after Oklahoma City, and then move our way down to Roswell NM for Christmas, eventually ending up in Casa Grande in January.

Old route

Needless to say, because of the weather (I really hate the cold and snow) we are revising our Rt.66 travel plan, and heading straight south after Oklahoma City.

new map

You can click on the Travel Plan tab to see where we’ll be,  Christmas and New Years will be in Las Cruces New Mexico now.

One of the great benefits of having a house with wheels is you can change directions whenever you want.

Stay warm.

Until next time,

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