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Donegal Campground

Location: LAT 40.111666, LONG -79.390555

Date Visited: August 18 to September 1, 2018

Site #: 8

Cost: $41.20/Day

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Campground Amenities

Rating:2.5 Stars


Donegal is an old campground (opened in 1969) with few amenities. There is a section for full time/ seasonal campers which is pretty much a bunch of rundown travel trailers. For most of our stay we were the only one on the transient side. And it was quiet except for the first weekend when he had a neighbor from hell. It took them two days to level their travel trailer and the entire weekend their two large dogs barked constantly.

We stayed here because it was close to the Frank Lloyd Wright houses. If you’re in the area, try the two campgrounds a few miles down the road, they seem much nicer.

Website: Donegal Campground

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