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Harbor Cove RV Resort

Location:LAT 41.93166, LONG -85.03194

Date Visited: July 21 – August 4, 2018

Site #:122



Site Details


Campground Amenities

Rating:4 Stars


Located in an industrial park, which didn’t affect our stay at all. Harbor Cove it a very nice campground with awesome water views. 2018 is the second season for this campground, and surprising to see it was only 10% occupied during our stay.  However, calling it a “Resort” is a stretch. Only a few of the seasonal sites have a concrete pad, There’s no cable, there are no activities, even though they advertise a pot luck dinner and “Great food” from proprietors Marty & Rose of Charlie’s Pride BBQ and Catering, which was never open.

Oh, and bring a fly swatter. You’ll get a workout.

All in all, with the view, and a few improvements, this campground can easily become a “Resort”.  The way it is now, it is still way better than some of the places we’ve stayed recently (Alabama, Indianapolis), and we would stay here again if we are in the area .

Website: Harbor Cove RV Resort

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