Dear family, friends, and followers,

When we embarked on our journey my plan was to blog our adventures so that you all could follow along with us as we traveled around the country. Since hitting the road this past September I have learned that when you add up the work hours (10 hour days, five days a week ) and the daily “routine” stuff (errands, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, etc.) that limits the time available for the adventures. Not to mention the additional time it takes to write, format, and post to this site.

Which is probably the reason why I haven’t been able to keep it up, and when I do post, it’s usually three + adventures rolled into one. I took a look at what I posted since hitting the road and there was only eight significant posts from September to December. Strangely, I do keep a daily journal, although most of the entries are the same noting the weather, work day, errands done, etc. Since this site has limitations for the photos,  and does require some time to write and format each post, I will be limiting the amount of post on the site moving forward.

I invite all of you to follow us on my other site at The site is not as flashy as this one, but for me it is easier to post updates and it has unlimited photo storage.

As with all blog sites there is a verification process in order to receive notifications for the updates. If you chose to continue following us (and we really hope you do), please click the email button to the right of this post under Contact Us, and enter “Sign me up” in the subject line. When I receive you email, I will respond from my personal Gmail account with instructions on how to complete the verification process (which is required to comply with all SPAM laws). Make sure you follow the instructions so that you are added to the Friends List.

As I said, we really hope you continue to follow us on our journey. And that you like the new platform.


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