It’s Official!

I received an email this morning from wordpress support with the simple steps (and links) to change the blog name. My first thought was to change it to Unfortunately  that name is already in use, although it is “for sale”, I didn’t see any reason to find out how much it would cost.

So, we decided the new name would be “Our Coddiwomple Blog”.  The name actually make sense since it is our blog about our purposeful travels toward an as-yet-unknown destination.

The featured image shows what the vinyl sticker we plan on having made for the windshield. It will match the sticker we had made for the main door.



So after updating all of the names and links to the social media sites, it looks like everything is working fine.

Today, I also took a ride over to a local campground that’s open all year, to find out if they have a site available from mid-May to the beginning of September, for when the house goes on the market. Since I work from home, there are times when I have web conferences and wont be able to leave if the house is being shown. The person who makes the reservations wasn’t in today, so I gave them my contact information and should hear back from them in a day or so. If a spot is available, we’ll move over there until the house is sold. Moving there will also be a good test of the Wifi Ranger antenna I plan on installing. Since I will still be working when we hit the road, I absolutely need to be connected, at all times, during normal business hours.

Like I said yesterday, it’s an exciting time!

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