What’s in a name?

We’ve had our motorhome for almost a year now and have tried several times to give it a name.

Our first attempt was  Celia, it was kind of a spin off from the Jimmy Buffet song ” Changes in latitude, changes in attitude.” However, after our first trip out we realized rather quickly the name did not fit the motorhome. The more time we spent in the motorhome, whether camping or just taking it for  a drive, we realized it had a very strong “presence”.

Our next attempt at a name was Lily, as in Lily Pad, and the car we would eventually tow behind it would be called the “toad”,  since the tow car is usually called a “toad”. But again, Lily just didn’t seem to fit; it didn’t feel right. Not to mention, now that we think about it, the idea was kind of lame. (no offense to anyone named Lily)

We decided to put the idea of naming our motorhome on the back burner, knowing that sooner or later a name would come to us.

A few days ago, I was on Facebook scrolling one the feed of one of the groups we belong to, and I saw the following photo.

Kenspeckle Letterpress http://www.kenspeckleletterpress.com

I don’t remember what the subject was for the post, but I knew it fit us because we are “purposely traveling towards an as-yet-unknown destination.”

The definition fits us so well that we decided to name the motorhome “Cody”.

Makes perfect sense (to us at least), and it’s a lot better than Celia, or Lilly Pad.

Since we now have our name, we added a new page to the site just for Cody. Click on the menu on the dropdown (black box with three lines) on the top right of the page to see his glamour shots.

And, if all goes well, and it’s not too difficult, in the near future we will be renaming this blog (and all of our social media sites) to coddiwomple.

Stay tuned for the announcement (and wishing us luck wouldn’t hurt)

It’s an exciting time for us, we’re glad you’re along for the journey.


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