Where does the time go?

It’s amazing that it’s been almost two months since my last post. A lot has happened in the second half of the summer. Unfortunately not a lot of it has been with the motorhome. Although we did go camping on Labor Day weekend with friends – more on that later.

The planned renovations were completed without too much aggravation (there’s always something when you deal with contractors)

The rear fence was replaced:


The front sidewalk and the damaged sections of the patio were replaced:

Front Sidewalk after Demo
New Sidewalk
Patio after Demo
New Patio Sections

And, the big ticket item, the replacement of the rear deck:

Original Deck
New 480 Sf Deck

While the carpenters were here we also had the replace the side fascia boards that were rotted (Change Order)

With the construction (or re-consruction) complete, we decided that we needed a break and join a few friends of ours at the Driftstone Campground over the Labor Day weekend. It was our first time at this campground and we were really impressed on how nice, clean,  and well run it was. We were assigned a spot right on the Delaware  River, which normally one can only get if they stay for a week or more.

Drifstone Campground Site 11

The were four families in our “party”, two of us had Class A’s and two had Travel Trailers. A shout out (huge thank you) to Drifstone as they were able to assign us sites that were all next to each other, which made visiting a lot easier. Although most of our visits were at one central fire ring, which we spent a lot of time sitting around and shooting the breeze. We did however take a stroll down to the river and was surprised that there weren’t more people out there considering the campground was full.

Delaware River
Delaware River
Delaware River

We had a great time with good friends! Isn’t that is what life is all about?

Upon our return home, it was time to bite the bullet and start preparing for the dreaded garage sale. It took us about two weeks to organize and tag all of the items. In addition to your typical garage sale items, we also had an apartment full of furniture, household items, and knick-knacks that belong to my mother when she lived with us. The number 1 phrase we said during the two week: “Why did we ever buy this?

Garage Sale Camping

Surprisingly, we did fairly well with the “normal” garage sale items.

Garage full ready for the sale
After sale (all of the plastic bins are empty)
After Sale

We had a decent amount of traffic considering we only put the ad in the paper for two days. Not surprisingly, the apartment items didn’t sell very well. We did unload a few items like books and pieces of Lenox, but the majority remains as does the furniture. My wife said it was because we only put the ad in the paper, and not also on Craig’s List. I’m not a big fan of Craig’s List (too many wierdos). But you got to do what you got to do. So this weekend, as I’m typing out this post, I’m sitting in the garage waiting on buyers for our Apartment Sale (that was advertised on Craig’s List).

It’s been two hours since we “opened the doors” and not one customer yet.

It’s going to be a long day


7 thoughts on “Where does the time go?

  1. We just went through the major purge you are now experiencing. I spent a small fortune shipping “keepsakes” to my family around the country. We got rid of some stuff on Craig’s List. Didn’t sell it, but they had to come and pick it up asap. One lady even took our mattress! Everything else went to Goodwill or we left on the street that was picked up in a jiffy. Amazing what people will take. It felt good to get rid of stuff. And once you’re in your fabulous new home taking you to exciting new adventures, you will never miss a thing. Enjoying following you, as you are literally one year to the day behind us. Happy purging!

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement What’s Outside Our Door, much appreciated! Looks like today’s sale may be a bust. However, I always have a “Plan B”. If/what furniture does not sell, I’m going to contact Habitat for Humanity and make a donation to a less fortunate family. And I agree with you, it really felt good to get rid of the garage stuff, some of it has been in there from two previous sales!
      Hopefully one day we will save each other on the road. Until then, Safe Travels!

  2. When we had our sell it all phase, I did use Craigslist-so easy to make an ad and include pics. But then I posted it on FaceBook and that brought the crowds. No weirdos, mainly friends who came to buy and say good bye! 😞 It was a sad time but glorious days were ahead!
    And then whatever was left, we donated….

    1. We had three couples stop in the seven hours we had the sale. Looks like i will be contacting Habitat for Humanity and making a donation (which I have no problems doing)

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