Twenty four days

Since returning from Ohio, I’ve worked 24 straight, 10 to 12 hour days, without any time off. Despite the view of a few trees from my office window, it’s still not the same as when we were in Ohio and I participated in a web conference while sitting at a picnic table. If we were on the road and staying at a nice wooded campsite, the workload probably wouldn’t have bothered me.


One problem with working so many days straight and living in a S&B (stick and brick) is when you do have a day off, you really don’t because you have to catch up on the home maintenance and yard work. I’m sure my neighbors were happy to see me outside.



It’s times like this that keeps our dream alive.


  1. Yep, that’s the vicious cycle….commute to work in the car you work to pay off while leaving the stick & brick home empty all day to afford to own it. Can’t wait for the closing of the sale of our stick & brick at the end of next month. It was so cathartic purging the place over the past few months of 25 years of what can only be described as STUFF. Hope you get back out on the road again soon.

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  2. We decided to become minamilists 10 years ago when we prepared to retire and moved to Florida. But we still had too much stuff! We’re not shoppers so it helped, but Bill – the least materialistic of the two of us still hesitated going full time because of all the stuff (his tools maybe). But the day he decided to sell his most cherished motor cycle, it was easy to get rid of everything! And we had 38 years of stuff to dispense of! We still have a 5 x 10 storage locker that was full….every time we go back to our homebase, we donate more stuff to where we only need a few feet of storage….hope to close it out soon!

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