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New Year Traditions

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Growing up in central New Jersey we always had to have herring on New Years day. We never asked why, it was something we just did. Soon after joining the Navy at age 19, the “herring tradition” went to the wayside and was never repeated. When you’re young and “bulletproof” your New Year is measured by the intensity of your hangover the next morning. You don’t consider having your health, a good job, and a roof over your head, a blessing.

About fifteen years ago I received a small bag of birdseed and a note from the local supply store we frequented. The note said “Birds have long been a symbol of good luck and protection. So to ensure good fortune in the year ahead, spread birdseed on your doorstep for luck in the coming year.”  I thought that was pretty cool and have been spreading birdseed around our house every New Years Day since.

I don’t know if it really works. I do know after surviving health issues and my business going under this past year, I begin this new year truly blessed.

What New Year traditions do you have? Let us know by leaving a comment.

Happy New Year full of safe travels to all!


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