The Maiden Voyage

Today we picked up the Motorhome. we were a little early for our 1:00 appointment (by about an hour) – Think we were excited?

I have to tip my hat to Robyn and the crew at Scott’s. The rig was spotless, the gas and propane was full, and they even had the refrigerator on and cold for us.

Here’s the rig:

IMG_1529 IMG_1531 IMG_1533

All in all, I think it’s a good size rig for our Maiden Voyage. Once I started rolling I wasn’t intimidated by the size and was able to keep it between the lines and the speed limit. Debbie even commented on how well I did when we got back home.

After we finished loading up, I was even brave enough to try backing out of the driveway and turning it around. We then set up cones and practiced backing into a campsite with Debbie being the spotter. No problems, we did it on the first try.

Beginner’s luck?

Actually I think it’s the time we spent the past three weeks watching videos on Youtube.

Tomorrow the adventure begins!